International Stars

In honor of All-Star week and the impact that players born outside the United States have had on the NBA, Panini and Beckett decided to put together a special lineup of the greatest International Stars in history.

The NBA is truly a global game, with stars from all over the world. At this week’s All-Star game you’ll see stars from Greece, Cameroon, Australia, Montenegro, Serbia and Germany.

This lineup features stars China to Jamaica and everywhere in between. It contains without a doubt the greatest European player ever in Dirk Nowitzki, two legendary African big men in Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutomobo and the man who opened the NBA’s gateway to China in Yao Ming.

When looking at this lineup, you’ll realize one thing: it helps to be over 7-feet tall. Any opponent would have some trouble driving the lane against this crew.

There have been many legendary international stars in the NBA, this was an incredibly tough lineup to compile. Who do you think should have made this list?

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